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Using my background in marketing and media together with my whole-life wellness coaching, I started Mindful Marketing & Media to help people share their spark with the world. Once your life's work comes into focus, you want to shout it from the mountain tops.


Through website design, blog posting, email marketing and social media, I create meaningful marketing programs that resonate deep within your soul. 


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As a marketer and holistic health coach, the common thread among all my offerings is helping people discover their spark. Whether it be guiding someone on a wellness journey or creating a marketing campaign, my strength and success lies in building a plan that is authentic to you. From websites to wellness programs, I use aspects from my experience in journalism, marketing, non-profit development, yoga teaching, spiritual healing and wellness coaching - plus a hearty dose of ambition and hard work - to deliver a communications program that speaks from your heart and stirs your soul.

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Dr. Roma Franzia, medical director of Face Forward...a Medical Spa, wanted a new look for her site that matched the serene feel of her office and the sense of calm she instills in her clients. Through a clean design that captures the beauty of her work, we incorporated authentic images that best represent her clientele and the comfort they feel in her and her staff's care. We also filled her site with relevant content to serve as a true resource for people seeking medical-grade spa treatments. A corresponding email campaign was created to engage her clientele.

Full Bloomed Lotus recently moved to a new location, and, in the spirit of fresh beginnings, wanted a new site with features to reflect their streamlined studio. The site is clean and light with online store, blog, automated response, and appointment booking functions. An email campaign and private online community were created to help build a cohesive community within the studio and online.

Deb needed a site to reflect her free-spirit while being a functional tool for her to use as a catch-all for her work. We created Deb's Desk as a space for her to post meaningful thoughts through a blog as well as a smattering of other insights and happenings she wanted to share. An online store was added to help Deb register students for workshops and retreats as well as create a sense of soulpreneurship. An email campaign is also used to make announcements and direct people to her site. 

The Bread and Buddha was born to satisfy two needs: create a virtual restaurant for a weekend home chef guru and create a healthy recipe resource to complement my health coaching program - yup, that's me and my husband, Mark. Our site is an invaluable tool for my wellness clients, looking for delicious food that is healthy too. An email campaign to promote the site's recipes is embedded in my health coaching communications.

I created a site to capture the many areas of my work. As a health coach, yoga instructor, food blogger and marketer, I needed an organized site that clearly communicates what I do. In my all work, I strive to guide my clients to connect to who they truly are. It is through this deep connection to self that I see their spirits shine. I teach them to use this spark as their beacon on their journey for enjoying an authentic life. For many, their experience with my site is the beginning of this meaningful process.

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