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Hi! I'm Pam and I'm excited for you to begin your wellness journey! As a certified holistic health coach and certified yoga teacher, I created a wellness training program that will make people ask you why you look so good. There will be a brightness and vibrancy about you. A spring in your step. A lightness in energy and spark to your spirit. With your commitment and my tough love, you'll develop new healthy habits that will last a lifetime! 

Don't let busy schedules or celebrations derail you! Life will not stop for you to stop your old habits. Join me for one of my group or private programs, retreats or private yoga sessions and let your wellness journey to bliss start now!

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The Bread & Buddha Kitchen has suspended service due to the current COVID crisis. We are exploring new ways to bring you our good-for-you food. Stay tuned!


Healthy living is an expression of life that requires balance in mind, body and spirit. Finding this balance and a blissful sense of wellbeing inspired me to create Feal Real®, a wellness journey for enjoying an authentic life. The "a" stands for authentic. My programs, retreats and Heartful-Eating® Plan use unique tools and practices to help you define what you are truly seeking, stay connected to self, declutter your life, reduce stress, eat well, enjoy exercise and sustain this blissful state of wellbeing for life. Join me for one of my current offerings.

Current Offerings

September 13 - 18

If you want to make lasting changes to your relationship with food, stop stress eating and feel better, join me for this 5-Day Deep Cleanse. Includes shopping lists, recipes, cooking lessons, yoga and zoom meet ups (recorded if you can’t attend). And, yes, you’re doing your own cooking! Intended to help reboot your body and your thinking as we head into this new season, this journey is best for people who have cleansed before and are aware of how your body responds to these shifts. The journey will focus on plants, but will include some lean, non-plant proteins if desired. Vegetarians welcome. $125 (couples welcome for same price). Let’s do this! Click to sign up by Saturday 9/12.

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The Bread and Buddha™ is the food blog I created with my husband/homechef guru to share real food recipes and tips to eat and live from the heart. Some recipes are for you to indulge and others fit within my Heartful-Eating Plan. We call it real food for the soul. Here's just a taste of some recipes below. Check out our blog at

Recent Posts

In searching for a thank you gift, I found my way to these cute little deconstructed s'mores packages on Etsy that said "Thanks S'more." Just having had a s'more at a recent yoga retreat bonfire, I knew I wasn't a big fat melted marshmallow lover - but I did love the idea.

Crispy restaurant-style Brussels are hard to replicate at home. Many attempts left me frustrated with burnt, hard sprouts that gave them their former bad rap. The missing restaurant ingredient I learned was a really hot deep fat fryer. Yes, most likely, this crispy, delicious, "healthy" side dish turns out not to be.

While summer equals salad, making your own salad at home can be tricky. It's an art to get the right combo of crunch, bite, tart and chop. Too chopped and you need a spoon. Too leafy and you need a knife. This salad is one you can easily sink your fork into for a delicious hearty bite each time. A great companion to any protein, this veggie dish goes well with our chicken done here with a dry rub. 

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Don't just take my word for it! 

Read what some clients had to say and then click here to read more!

"Thank you for being a guide, a cheerleader, and a truly caring soul!  You've made this an interesting, fun and inspiring process – and I love that this is a way of life, not a diet.  It's like a course correction – I'm moving back to myself – what I think of my core, intrinsic values regarding myself, my health and how I want to be in the world. Kind of like I'm getting the sludge out!" - C 

"Feal Real is a gift to yourself. Pam’s love, genuine concern, and supportive approach encourage a new perspective of one's own path toward healthy living and authentic self expression." - L

"Overall, I don’t think I have felt this good in years – the best word I can use to describe it is that I feel like every part of my body is “humming” (not like with music but with a quiet energy). Tasks feel less daunting, I am more patient with my kids and my mistakes. I cannot thank you enough for being the reason why I feel this way right now – I will do quite a bit not to let it go!" - J

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