Healthy living is a personal expression of life that requires balance in mind, body and spirit. Recognizing this, I created Feal Real®, a wellness journey for enjoying an authentic life, and my Heartful-Eating® Plan that uses your heart as your guide. Both work together to create a leaner body, more energy, clearer life intention, deeper connection to self, and a palpable sense of vibrancy and authenticity. 

Having supported hundreds of people on their own wellness journey, I know this blissful state of health and authenticity is available to everyone. Actually, it's only 30 days away! Using my learnings and time-tested best practices, I created the THE 30 JOURNEY™

This whole-life wellness program uses whole foods, movement, new perspectives, lifestyle shifts, nature, camaraderie, tough love and my secret weapon to make sustainable shifts to improve your overall wellbeing. This is not a diet or a cleanse. It's a way of life. A happy, healthy life.


Think of this as a wellness "training" program that teaches you about self-care, how to put your needs first and to get unstuck. With my guidance, you'll custom build your own program to help you find your own unique state of healthy. Then, with a dose of tough love, I'll help you stick with it for 30 days - sufficient time to push through tough moments, feel the results you are seeking, develop new and sustainable healthy habits, and, ultimately, bring out your bliss! 


The busier you are the better! Life will not stop for you to stop your old habits! Real life is your classroom. Vacations, conferences, birthdays, dinner parties...bring it on. This is the real work.

All program materials and instructional recordings are shared online via email and a private web page, which can be accessed on your own time. 

Next Journey - TBD

This has been a wonderful experience for me, in pretty much every way. When I started, I felt heavy, physically and emotionally. I feel so much lighter now. I've connected to what makes me happy in a meaningful way, and I'm better able to not only see what I want, but to feel comfortable making those choices. - E



In 30 days, learn how to…

  • Eat well for life

  • Connect to self in a new and meaningful way

  • Let go of old self-sabotaging ways and negative chatter

  • Stay on track even in the toughest moments - and when to indulge

  • Know what your body needs to function optimally

  • Make healthy choices without feeling deprived

  • Feel leaner

  • Curb cravings

  • Create more energy and get rid of fatigue

  • Enjoy taking good care of yourself

  • Love exercise

  • Relax

  • Ignite your spark

  • Find your bliss

Program includes…

  • Customizable Heartful-Eating® plan, shopping list and recipes

  • Two private coaching sessions

  • Access to me as needed - can include emails, texts, calls, in-person meetings

  • Optional outings such as walks at nearby scenic spots, grocery store tours and farmers market visits - weather permitting. 

  • Group emails and private group chat room (for group sessions)


  • What will I eat? Lots of veggies, healthy carbs, healthy fats, lean protein. And you will not be hungry. 

  • Can I have coffee? Yup - 1 cup/day.

  • Can I have cream in my coffee? Non-dairy is ok, almond milk preferred. 

  • Alcohol? Yes - 1-2 "clean cocktails" on Saturday nights.

  • What if I can't attend the outings? These are optional and are designed to get you up and out. You're encouraged to do similar activities on your own!

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