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Sweet Potato

  • I get the biggest one. Microwave 5 minutes per side or bake it at 350º for 45-60 minutes. 

  • Scoop out the meat into a glass tupperware. Store in fridge and reheat 1/2 - 1 cup as wanted. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Paleo Veggies

  • Spiralized zucchini/squash noodles - Sauté with olive oil and shallots or top raw veggies with hot marinara.

  • Cauliflower rice - recipes on B&B or sauté with olive oil, shallots, add other sautéd veggies or onion.


  • Get garlic bulbs peeled to make life easier.

  • Refrigerate avocados right when they start to ripen to keep longer.

  • Mini cucumbers are easier to chop for salads - thanks Emily!

Almond Milk

  • Either of these brands plus the 365 organic almond milk unsweetened are OK. None of these have carrageenans - a thickener that is not desirable.

Hemp & Chia Seeds

  • Both have protein, fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation.

  • Chia seeds turn into a gel when paired with liquid. Use for chia pudding or in smoothies to thicken.

  • Hemp Hearts are great as salad toppers, an add-in for homemade trail mix, and topper for lettuce wraps. They are nutty and a little crunchy and chewy.

Green Tea

  • Both of these are smooth in flavor. Not overly green tasting.


  • Use real sugar instead of artificial.

  • Raw honey is not filtered and has great antimicrobial properties - good for your immune system!

  • Coconut sugar is less sweet than refined sugar and is lower glycemic. I use this when cooking if needed. 

  • Agave and maple syrup are good too.

  • Pick a product that appeals to you in terms of cost and size.

Nuts & Seeds (fats)

  • Walnuts are good for your brain!

  • Sunflower seeds are OK salted. You'll only use 1T at a time most times, so it's OK. Plus without processed foods, your salt intake comes from only what you add.

  • I grind my own almond butter at Whole Foods. Ask where the nut grinders are.

  • I like the roasted unsalted bulk almonds at Whole Foods.


  • Himalayan salt contains minerals that we are lacking. I use it to season foods like eggs, salads, fish or veggies for broiling or grilling. I use Kosher salt for cooking soups, sauces or one-pot dishes.

  • Coconut Aminos - I use this instead of soy sauce. You can use Tamari (gluten-free) if you want something very close to soy sauce. Coconut aminos are lighter in flavor and contain aminos acids - the building blocks of protein, which are satiating and help to filter out toxins.


  • Steel cut oats for breakfast or oatmeal smoothie - recipe in the Quick Guide.

  • Use oat flakes for baking.

  • Look for gluten-free. Any brand is fine.

Udi's Gluten-Free Bread

  • My favorite flavor Omega Flax & Fiber.

  • Other Udi's products are good too. I use their frozen baguette to make garlic bread to serve with my turkey spinach meatballs.

  • Best toasted.

  • Make fresh bread crumbs by pulsing a slice or two in a mini-cuisinart.

My other favorite gluten-free bread is Three Baker's. Click here to see the packaging. You can get it at Mariano's in the freezer section by in the healthy food aisle. I like 7 Ancient Grains in the blue bag.

Slivered Almond

  • Toast a tablespoon in toaster oven to top salads.

  • Grind in your Vitamix to make almond flour.

Alt Flours

  • I use these for baking or for a breading. 

  • Consider stocking your pantry with a couple, such as the All Purpose Flour or almond flour to have on hand.

  • Arrowroot is a substitute for cornstarch. Corn is inflammatory.


  • Kite Hill makes good almond milk cheeses. This one I may have with Mary Gone Crackers or scramble  1T crumbled in my eggs.

  • Goat or sheep milk cheeses are OK. Their protein structure is different than cow's milk and is easier to digest.


  • Make quinoa with chicken broth or veggie broth.

Rice Pasta

  • Actually pretty good. Cook carefully or it will get mushy. Add after week 3.


  • Olive oil is still my favorite and what I use for everything except frying. We go through so much that we buy Kirkland's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco.

  • Avocado is good for frying or cooking too. Has a light flavor. Many of my recipes call for avocado oil. You can use olive oil instead if you prefer. Costco also has a good one.

  • Unrefined coconut oil can be used for cooking as well. I prefer it for baking - melted first.

Canned Fish

  • Limit tuna to 1-2 times per month due to mercury levels.

  • Wild Planet brand claims to have lower mercury.

  • Wild Salmon is good for my salmon cakes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Helps to restore acid levels in stomach. Can help reflux.

  • Try it as a salad dressing vinegar.

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

  • I like their mini chips (yellow package) for trail mix, my almond balls, my banana chip muffins, or a sweet snack.

  • Hold on these until week 2 at least.

Mary's Gone Crackers

  • 13 crackers are 1 carb serving. A serving of these contains 3 grams of protein. It's my cracker of choice. 

  • I like to crack a couple as a topper for some soups - zucchini watercress or cauliflower - for some crunch.

Black Lentils

  • Lentils are a good non-meat protein but are considered a carb. I like these small black ones to add to salad. I have a simple lentil recipe on B&B.  


  • I like this brand best. It's in the vegan fridge. I like the classic caraway flavor.

  • Use as a topper for a lettuce wrap or eat plain - it's a probiotic.


  • High in antioxidants. Use in trail mix or as an alt to raisins in oatmeal or on chia pudding.

  • Sunfoods goji berries tend to be softer, which I like.

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