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Tis the Season...

Life loves to be taken by

the lapel and told,

"I'm with you    kid. Let's go."


- Maya Angelou

30-Day Journey Back to Self
Find Your Blissful State of Whole-Life Wellness
1/16 - 2/14
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Set Your New Year Intention

Yoga • Wellness Talk • Cooking Demo • Lunch

Join me and the zen of slow cooking on January 10th at Elawa Farm.

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This fun, enlightening and heartwarming class will bring new meaning to your practice by taking you beyond the physical sensations. Thousands of years ago, yogis created each pose to look and feel like something or someone as a way to connect to the universe. Behind each physical shape, there is an ancient story with a lesson and energy for us to experience and explore.

Learn why Ganesha threw a tusk at the moon and why we become the lotus flower when we meditate. Discover what we must fight in our warrior poses and why we surrender in child’s pose. Develop a deeper connection to self through the energetics of the poses, and fall more in love with your practice by embracing the notion that since the beginning of time, we are all divine spirits having very human experiences.

Expect to develop a new, more meaningful connection to your practice as we share our own interpretations of the stories and experience new sensations as we explore the shapes.

$150. Register here.

Mythology of the Asanas 

Thursdays, January 12 & 19

6:30 - 8:30PM

8:30- 9PM Pranayama

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