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Hi! I'm Pam Gross, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher, and I'm just like you... someone trying to live the best life possible. True health isn't just about food, exercise and sticking with the plan. It's about not losing yourself in the flurry of life. It's about making yourself your top priority - always. It's about developing an acute awareness of the senses in your body. It's about feeding your spirit to experience real joy.

Finding this state of authentic wellness inspired me to create my Feal Real Wellness Journey,  Heartful Eating Plan, and my recipe blog called The Bread & Buddha. Heeding my clients' pleas to just cook for them, The Bread & Buddha Kitchen was born. 


As quickly as BBK ramped up, my thriving beautiful organic prepared food business disintegrated before my very eyes due to the pandemic. Heartbroken as I was, this forced reset gave me space to realign and find some much-needed balance in my own life. 

Following my true desire to teach people how to live a beautiful and healthful life, I've gone back to my teaching roots and evolved BBK into a virtual Cooking Studio and Wellness Workspace. Through my online offerings, you will learn how to fill your fridge and heart with foods that nourish your body and your spirit. Having a front row seat to see my clients' hearts open and smiles widen is a true privilege and a special exchange. 


My process is relatable, practical, sustainable – and enjoyable.

Connect with me on Instagram for recipes, updates and whatnot...

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